COVID-19 mass testing takes place in Sturgis after 80th Annual Motorcycle Rally

STURGIS, S.D. — The city of Sturgis has started post-rally COVID-19 testing on residents. The city has offered 1,300, tests to residents, specifically to those who are asymptomatic. More than 800 people have signed up for the tests.

In addition, all city employees are required to get tested since many of their jobs are essential or were in close contact with lots of the visitors who came for the Rally.

Public Information Officer for Sturgis, Christina Steele said “each and everyone of em was very busy during the rally as well as the entire tourist season, so we felt it was really important they get tested.”

Two residents of Sturgis who worked 11 days over the course of the Rally decided they would get the test done to be safe, even if it is a little irritating to your nose.”

Abraham Usera and his wife Patricia said “It’s best to have it done, to make sure everything is okay, and if anybody can have it done, have it done.”

More tests are still available and the mass testing will continue Monday and Tuesday the 24th and 25th.

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