COVID-19 hasn’t slowed the sale of local livestock

BELL FOURCHE, S.D. — During uncertain times for the beef and pork industries, farmers and ranchers are getting the opportunity to put their product on sale over the next few weeks.

Pair (meaning cattle and calf together), bred cow, and hogs were all up for grabs Thursday afternoon. And a global pandemic hasn’t slowed demand here in the hills.

Baxter Anders, Owner of Bell Fourche Livestock, said “Producers bring their livestock to us at all times of the year and its handled the same way.”

The only major change has been the demand for hog. The sale veterinarian sharing that they are seeing a higher demand, due to the state pork plant closing. In terms of cattle, they’re still being sold as normal.

Wesley Wood, Veterinarian for Sale Barn, said “Cattle is totally variable I mean the baby calves are bringing 300 bucks today and weigh up cows are anywhere from 40 cents to 68 cents a pound.”

In South Dakota agriculture is a major source of income for the local and state economy, which is why the show must go on.

“Producers can bring their product here and then we’ve got buyers that go ahead and buy it and move it on through feed lots or straight to slaughter or whatever avenue each specific animal is going to.” said Wood.

And although the past few years have been challenging for ranchers in the state — things might be looking up.

“We’ve got good grass, good moisture, we’re getting moisture right now so the future looks bright.” said Anders.

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