COVID-19 cases nearly quadruple in RCAS in a week

The school district's update showed that its number of active cases had multiplied almost by four in only a week's time.

RAPID CITY, S.D. — During the state’s COVID-19 case surge, it seems as though no one is immune.

As it pertains to the staff and students of Rapid City Areas Schools, that remains true.

According to the RCAS website, one week ago, the number of confirmed COVID-19 cases was 36. That number has nearly quadrupled to 141 this week.

Community Relations Manager Katy Urban says that the district updates its numbers once a week, due to the workload of the district’s nurses.

“[They’re] updating that database every day,” Urban said. “You know, while they’re doing testing and taking care of our students, you know outside of just COVID related issues. It’s a lot of work and so. We had decided that to make it easier on our nurses, we would just ask for those total numbers once a week.”

Urban adds that the South Dakota Department of Health performs the district’s contact tracing.

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