COVID-19 affecting Make-A-Wish trips

The COVID-19 pandemic is reaching everyone on some level, including those awaiting a Make-A-Wish trip.

Make-A-Wish estimates over 30 wishes per day in the US could be delayed by the COVID-19 related postponements. Some locals being affected by the delays is Keisha and her family.

Keisha and Billie Jo, Make A Wish Family

Keisha and Billie Jo, Make A Wish Family

During an ultrasound at 5 months pregnant, Billie Jo found out her daughter had a heart condition. She had many trips to Omaha, Nebraska before her daughter, Keisha was even born. And at just a few days old, Keisha had her first surgery — she was operated on 4 different times by the time she was 2 1/2 years old.

Keisha has hypoplastic left heart syndrome that comes with many complications — her heart works overtime all the time. Someday, she will need a liver and heart transplant.

Keisha feeding fish

Keisha feeding fish

Billie Jo says she feels lucky that Keisha has lived a relatively healthy life so far.

Billie Jo, Keisha mother, says, “I’ve read stories that were 3 years olds have had heart transplants … you go to the doctors and they say they don’t know the long term outcome for these children I mean that’s kind of scary. I’m very happy that she is a very healthy … girl.”

Keisha's baby photo

Keisha’s baby photo

Keisha is now 14 years old and recently discovered that she and her family will go on a trip to Hawaii where she was looking forward to parasailing, swimming in a shark tank and snorkeling. The trip scheduled for next month is now postponed until it is safe to fly, but Keisha wasn’t too bothered by the news. She would rather be safe than sorry.

Keisha and family looking at photos

Keisha and family looking at photos

Keiths says, “I was excited to go cause it’s next month but then once I figured out it was postponed, I didn’t really care- I mean my mom would rather keep me safe then go out there right away.” and Billie Jo adds, “Patience is a virtue is what I told her. ”

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