Court date stands, defense counsel to change in Rapid City attempted murder case

RAPID CITY, S.D. — The August trial date will stand for the Rapid City man charged with attempted first-degree murder and criminal solicitation after defense attorney John Fitzgerald filed a motion to withdraw himself as counsel.

William Thoman

William Thoman, 63, is involved in two separate cases, each accusing him of trying to hire someone to kill another.

The first case, which has a set trial date, alleges Thoman tried to hire someone to kill a Rapid City doctor who treated his late wife. The second case accuses Thoman of trying to kill a man and a Rapid City judge.

During Friday’s hearing, Fitzgerald said he listened to a voicemail on Monday in which Thoman requested the case be handled by Don Porter, a Rapid City attorney. According to Fitzgerald, Porter does not handle criminal cases. It is unclear why Thoman made such a request.

Judge Jeffrey Connolly questioned Thoman about his reasoning in court. Thoman responded saying he doesn’t “know how the court system really works” and it’s “awful hard to be in this jail and contact people.”

Trevor Thielen, a prosecutor with the Attorney General’s Office, requested Thoman’s trial date be pushed back due to a quickly approaching deadline.

Thoman requested the court date stands as is adding that he’s “already lost everything.”

Connolly ruled the trial will stay scheduled as is for August 20-23.

In the second case against Thoman, court documents show retired 7th Circuit Court Judge Thomas Trimble will preside over the case. The state requested the change of judge because the charges relate to another 7th Circuit Court Judge.

Hearings in both cases are scheduled in July.

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