Council awards bid for sewer main project the day after bidding opens

City HallRAPID CITY, S.D. — The Rapid City Common Council awarded a bid for a project the day after bidding opened.

The council met Wednesday afternoon to discuss and approve a bid for the Elk Vale Gravity Main and Force Main Project. The project will upgrade two sewer force mains to sixteen inches and the gravity main to twenty-four inches. These new upgrades necessary to keep up with city growth are expected to sustain growth for the next fifty years.

According to Public Works Director Dale Tech, the reason for quick special session is the current uncertainty over future cost of commodities.

“When we held or pre-bid conference, our contractors told us that for the size of pipe that we are going to install in this project the manufacturers and suppliers were only guaranteeing prices up to forty eight hours from the quote that they gave,” Tech said.

Approval for the project was awarded to Mainline Contracting in Rapid City for a little more than seven million dollars.

Work is expected to be completed on the lift station in fall 2022.

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