Cornerstone Rescue Mission no longer accepting new intakes starting Friday

Cornerstone Rescue

RAPID CITY, S.D. — During the COVID-19 pandemic many organizations have been faced with some hard decisions and on Thursday the Cornerstone Rescue Mission had to make one of its own.

With 98 beds and five bedrooms the mission has no practical means to quarantine the people housed at its facility. To that end the Cornerstone Rescue Mission has decided to no longer accept any new intakes starting at noon Friday. People who are currently staying at Cornerstone and choose to leave may be allowed back in depending on the circumstances. Lysa Allison, Exec. Dir. for Cornerstone Rescue Mission, says that they will continue to work with individuals and give them several chances unless they are violent or destructive to their property. All of these measures will also apply to the Women & Children’s Home.

Also on Friday, out of concern for the 98 people housed at its downtown facility, the mission will no longer provide public meals from the kitchen.

Allison said “It was a difficult decision to make but it was made in the name of public safety and social distancing. Like I said before, we have no place to quarantine people so we need to be as judicious as we can. And we cleaning constantly and doing the best we can in that area too.”

The mission is currently seeking alternative sources outside its facility to provide meals to those in need.

Mayor Steve Allender, who spoke on the matter during his daily COVID-19 update on Thursday, says the city is working to determine the best steps for where to house homeless people who may need to be isolated. He says right now, the city is without, realistic options.

“I know everyone says hotels or taking over existing buildings but there’s a lot to that process like staff and security.” said Mayor Allender.

Allender says the city continues to plan for how to isolate those individuals who will be come ill.

As of Thursday, Cornerstone Rescue Mission has 15 open beds and no waiting list, while the Women & Children’s Home are full with a waiting list.

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