Cornerstone Rescue Mission holds annual “Night at the Mission” event after pandemic hiatus

RAPID CITY, S.D.– City officials and residents gathered at Rapid City Fire Department’s Main Street station on Monday to show their support for the Cornerstone Rescue Mission and the resources it offers to the community. From its earliest beginnings of operating within a residential home to the current 30 Main Street address, Cornerstone has been an important lifeline for the many people it has served over the years.

How the Cornerstone Rescue Mission got started

According to the organization’s website, Cornerstone was first started in the early 1980’s by Dave and Cheryl Adams, operating out of their own house and helping members of the homeless community with shelter. By April of 1982, the Cornerstone Rescue Mission had moved into their own building on 12th and St. Joseph Street.

Their current location at 30 Main Street serves close to 200 men every night, with numbers often more than doubling during the holiday season. They offer daily meals to the community along with programs and resources from the community to help homeless residents become independent contributors to society.

The mission of “Night at the Mission”

Now in its sixth year, the event highlights not only the organization and its work but also the partnerships with law enforcement and first responders. “We really couldn’t operate a day without the assistance of our friends in the police department and the mobile medics from the fire department who assist us when we have our guests that need medical care. So this is a way to recognize and appreciate how much Cornerstone really belongs to the community. It isn’t just 30 Main Street and those of us who work there,” President Dr. Mark Harlow explained. Dr. Harlow says that no matter the amount, all of the money donated goes to supporting the mission and its resources.

What the Cornerstone Rescue Mission means to the community

From providing people with a place to stay and a hot meal, to helping match residents with resources to get on their feet with a job and stability, Cornerstone has helped thousands that have come through their doors and built new lives through the program. Francis Kaufman is one of many examples, who came to the mission after a prison sentence and built his life back up. Both as a resident and board member, he takes pride in being able to give back to people that are in a situation that he once was.

Starting out, you know, in a horrible position that I put myself in. And then to be able to give back, you know, it’s amazing to me,” he said.

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