Cornerstone Mission in Rapid City once again shared the gift of giving with a Christmas meal for less fortunate

RAPID CITY, S.D. — In the spirit of the holiday, the Cornerstone Rescue Mission served a late lunch and a dinner to the area homeless, Christmas Day.

“The folks are  grateful for this place,” Michael Brewer, Supervisor for Cornerstone, said. “And a lot of them would think… a lot of people have said things about being scared that this place would not be here, The mission will always be -maybe not so much in this location- but there will always be a mission so long as Father God has something to say about it.”

The Mission believes that during the holiday season they average about 400 to 500 people utilizing their services; either requesting food or some additional resources.

Volunteers are always needed, as are donations. Cornerstone Rescue Mission says that if 65,000 people donated their time for 30 minutes each week, it would equal 101,400,000 hours a year.

A lot of these guys need, you know, the guidance and spiritual guidance also, so it just keeps this place running and a lot of prayers go out here,” says volunteer, William Ahrans.

Cornerstone says for $25 a day they can provide meals, clothing, shelter, counseling, transportation and more for their guests.

For more information, please visit The Cornerstone Rescue Mission.

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