Cornerstone break-in leaves thrift store with water damage

RAPID CITY, S.D. — Late Wednesday night the Cornerstone Thrift Store in Rapid City, was broken into. Money and gift cards were stolen from the safe, and the fire sprinklers were triggered. 

The fire sprinklers caused water damage in half of the store as well as in the offices. The store has managed the flooding but the amount of permanent damage is still uncertain. So far they have identified water damage to the walls, which may need further inspection and reparation.

In order to prevent more damage and issues with mold, they have fans set up all over the facilities.

Only half of the thrift store is closed and is being used to dry out damaged furniture. While the other side of the store is still open and operating. They are uncertain of when the closed area will be re-opened.

Law enforcement is currently looking for leads.

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