Cookie University at local college prepares Girl Scouts for cookie season

RAPID CITY, S.D. — During the week, South Dakota Mines is home to college engineering classes, but Saturday, it was home to Cookie University, preparing local Girl Scouts for upcoming cookie sales.

The day started with celebrity games, starring students from South Dakota Mines, local business owners, and first responders. Rapid City Police Department officers offered safety tips for the girls before they split off into groups to start building their skills.

Girl Scout Cookies“They learn about the cookies and the five skills that come with selling Girl Scout cookies,” explains Ambassador Girl Scour Grace Payton. “One of my favorite is the people skills, because you can really watch girls even if they are outgoing like I was really outgoing as a child, you can see them really come out of their shell.”

But as Grace explained, it’s not just about the cookies.

“I’m actually a troop leader of some girls so I help them through their journey in Girl Scouts,” she adds. “We teach them different life skills like sewing or cooking or outdoors skills. Which they’re getting really big on and I love it. We’ve gone rock climbing, canoeing, paddle boarding, we’ve done a lot.”

Aside from making lifelong friends, Grace also said she’s learned to be proud of her girl power, even when kids at school didn’t appreciate her efforts.

“It’s never pushed me away from being a Girl Scout, because I think it’s so important and it teaches girls how amazing they can be and the potential that they have,” Payton added.

There were also stations where girls learned budgeting skills and thought about what causes are close to their badges and hearts.

“I really think Girl Scouts has been really good about teaching us, especially me, you know, how to handle every situation, whether it’s at best or worst,” says Payton. 

Grace says it’s been one big family since the day she joined.

“I see it from the bickering and picking on each other, to being there to help each other through whatever problems they’re having.”

If you’re in need of sweets and want to support the local Girl Scouts, cookies can be purchased at booths throughout the area.

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