Contracts agreed upon for teacher salaries in Rapid City

After months of tension and disagreement between the Rapid City teacher’s union and the board of education, the two have come to an agreement.

The Rapid City Board of Education announced Thursday evening that a tentative contract has been agreed upon by the Rapid City Education Association for the upcoming academic year.

Negotiations began in March, but the two groups reached an impasse in May. The goal for teachers – more pay – which represented a struggle for the school district facing budgetary restrictions.

Under this new proposal, teachers will be granted all step-increases earned during their tenure with the district, including increases earned in the past. To finance the new salaries, Capital Outlay funds will be diverted toward General Fund expenses, creating a sustainable compensation plan.

Board of Education President Jim Hansen says he hopes this will serve as a springboard for stronger collaboration in finding the best ways to serve students.