Construction stops to allow monarch caterpillars to undergo metamorphosis

SPEARFISH, S.D. — A student and butterfly enthusiast at Black Hills State University was able to halt construction on campus to relocate Monarch Caterpillars who are undergoing metamorphosis.

The process takes around eight to 15 days, but construction couldn’t wait for too long with winter approaching. The caterpillars create chrysalis which is like a cocoon the insects make in order to transform into a butterfly.

So, one student took it into her own hands to help these insects undergo their process unharmed.

“Being informed about the construction I was like, oh shoot, we really need to do something at this point,” said Kara Whalen, a student a Black Hills State University. “Especially if it’s just to save one or two of them and move them to a safe space.”

It is important to try and help monarchs if you see them since they are at risk of being listed as a Federally Endangered Species.

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