Construction on Rapid City downtown lighting project set to begin

The Rapid City downtown lighting project is expected to start construction at the end of the month.

RAPID CITY, S.D. — The Rapid City downtown lighting project is nearly set to begin.

Construction on the project is set to start at the end of this month or early April.

A total of 120 poles and LED lights, which draw less energy and adds more light, will be installed. The lights will be put in from East to West Boulevard and Main Street to St. Joseph Street. Engineers have just gotten into the project that runs from East Boulevard by the U.S. Post Office to the South Dakota School of Mines and Technology.

Dan Senftner, the President of Destination of Rapid City, who’s been leading the push for the project for the last five years with an engineering team, says that while it took some work to get the project going, things are moving along.

Rc Lighting Project 3

“The drawings are done, everything is laid out, things are at City Hall, we’re working with the city engineers, the city team, we’ve got another engineering firm here in town that we’re working with,” Senftner said. “Everything is moving very very well. It looks really promising, I’ll be excited to see it.”

Senftner also says that the project should take care of the issue for the city for the next 20-30 years. The project was a Vision Fund applicant that will cost about 3.8 million, but Senftner says that it will come in under budget.

According to Senftner, some of the areas that are part of the project haven’t experienced change or upgrades since 1991.

He also says that the completion for the project is set for October.

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