Construction on East Boulevard and North Street begins today

RAPID CITY, S.D. — Rapid City officials would like to remind everyone that construction on East Boulevard and North Street begins today.

This will be a multi-phased project and is expected to take around six-months to complete.

Starting today, Monday February 17th, if you’re on Omaha Street and want to turn onto East Boulevard heading eastbound, you’ll be detoured to Maple Street up to Saint Louis Street then onto East Boulevard.

If you are westbound on Omaha Street you will be detoured over to 5th Street up to New York Street then over to East Boulevard.

“What will happen then is the next step is on April 1st, while that is going on they are also then going to move into the intersection of East Boulevard and Omaha Street. Basically it will be one lane of traffic in each direction,” said city spokesperson Darrell Shoemaker.

The first portion of reconstruction will start Monday and end around April 1st.

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