Construction of Rapid City’s “The Monument” moves to the next stage

RAPID CITY, S.D. — After a foundation had been laid in the winter for Rapid City’s Civic Center expansion that will become “The Monument” — Scull and Mortensen Consturction are now working with steel.

Steel erectors are being used to support the structure that will eventually become the arena.

Dave Richardson, Senior Project Manager, said “We have over roughly about 600 piles that are driven, that supports the super structure of the arena and that supports the structural steel and the concrete that you see.”

This phase of the project is close to completion.

Jim Yechout, Senior Superintendent, said “Later this winter we’ll start putting the roof trusses together and we’ll have the overall skeleton of the arena put together in early February of 2021.”

Once the steel is in place more crew members will be needed to further construction.

“Currently we are running around 80 craft members that are currently in the field and as different activities ramp up and as the super structure comes to a cloture we’ll start to onboard different trades and those craft workers will come on and well see our numbers increase quite substantially.” said Richardson.

It’s estimated that they will need around 250 workers on sight in the future — and a majority will be hired locally.

While COVID-19 has thrown off plans for many, Scull and Mortensen say they are taking precautions to ensure all workers stay healthy, screening everyone that enters the site.

“We talk about safety in the great culture that has been built on this project cite. Like Dave mentioned we have a lot of different meetings and preparatory discussions before different scopes of work start.” said Yechout.

Even with the disruption caused by the pandemic, crews are still on track to complete the arena by fall of 2021.

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