Construction for the new arena at the Rushmore Plaza Civic Center on schedule to be complete by 2021

RAPID CITY, S.D. — Construction on the new arena at the Rushmore Plaza Civic Center soon to be the Monument is right on schedule. The warm, dry weather has definitely helped the cause. Everyday from sun up to sun down construction is being done on the new arena with the help of good weather and good safety practices the arena is coming along rapidly. The groundbreaking for this new arena took place in November of 2019 and is on course to be finished by its deadline of October 2021.

Priscilla Dominguez, Director of Sales and Marketing for the Rushmore Plaza Civic Center said “the weather’s really kept things moving right along right on target. They’re not willing to say they are ahead of schedule, but they are definitely on schedule.”

At the start of everyday, workers perform safety stretches in order to reduce the chances of someone getting hurt on the job site. There are also signs posted around the job site promoting a safe work environment.

Project Manager, Andrew Corson said “they’re specifically designed around getting the blood flowing, loosening up the body, waking it up like you said. It really reduces those soft tissue injuries, reduces muscle strains things like that we see a great reduction in those injuries. Our first priority is always safety, making sure every worker goes home safely everyday is number 1.”

Once the new arena is complete it will house a range of different entertainment options from sporting events to concerts. Each event will have its own individual guideline for safety measures.

Dominguez also said “we do recommend that our guests wear masks, you know, practice social distancing it is up to each event that is hosted here to determine what safety measures they want in. So you may see some events like the wrestling tournament this weekend that requires masks and other things like hockey that just make it a suggestion. So we are really trying to work with all of our events to make sure its a happy, safe place. And our biggest message is lets just be respectful of each other and have a great time.”

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