Construction at Lacrosse Street interchange brings intermittent detours

RAPID CITY, S.D.- The “diverging diamond” road project, designed to maximize safety and efficiency at the I-90 and Lacrosse interchange comes with a few detours.

I90 and LacrosseThe end result of the construction will be a new road and bridge system, where drivers will be able to take a free left turn, with fewer opportunities for collisions and long backups.

The project won’t be completed until June of 2023, so there are a few different phases to the construction.

To keep the project and vehicles moving in the right direction, traffic will be diverted for one week, March 13-17, to allow for the construction on the Lacrosse Street bridge.

“The interstate will still be open, we’re just going to be sending people up over the off ramps,” explains Department of Transportation Project Engineer Jesse Nelson. “Lacrosse St., though, at night will be closed, and that’s from 9 p.m. to 5 a.m. We’ll have a detour set up for Lacrosse, they will not be able to cross the bridge at that point.”

Lacrosse Street BridgeChanges to traffic patterns can be tricky to navigate, so drivers are being asked to slow down and use extra caution while maneuvering through the area.

“Please slow down when you see workers,” Nelson adds. “We want to try to keep everybody safe. And also, please pay attention. There’s there’s a lot of signs up- we’re trying to give you good, good rules to follow so please, please abide by those signs.”

More information on the project plans and detours can be found here, where you’re also able to ask questions.

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