Competitors build burgers for the South Dakota Burger Battle

Sd BeefSTURGIS, S.D. – There’s nothing like a good old-fashioned cookoff.

For the South Dakota Burger Battle, contestants were partnered up randomly to cook the best burger they can.

“It’s a fun event. I’m not a real big rally goer. So, this is the second year in a row I’ve been to the rally, otherwise, I haven’t been here in years,” Cory Levin, first place winner of the South Dakota Burger Battle, said. “But it’s a great promotion for South Dakota beef, and I feel it’s the best in the world because my family and I raise it. So, I’m happy to promote it too.”

To promote the ag industry, the event is hosted by the South Dakota Beef Industry Council and uses beef from the country while also giving spectators cooking ideas they might take home.

The duo that took first was Terry Anderson and Cory Levin with a Juicy Lucy-style burger. Juicy Lucy burgers are burger patties stuffed with cheese and they are known to be popular and invented in Minneapolis.

They made the burger using the secret ingredients they brought. Levin brought sautéed onions and Anderson brought jalapeno cream cheese.

The burger they decided to make can be difficult to put together, and keep it together, but the duo didn’t face any troubles.

“We had kind of a thing all prepared to talk to the judges about, but weSturgis didn’t have to because our burger was so good. We didn’t even have to promote it,” Anderson said. “Good grill marks and it held together and it was pink in the middle. And all the things the judges look for. Very few vegetables and a lot of meat.”

The two were even a little late bringing their burger to the judges, but Levin says that perfection takes time.

And much like Levin, Anderson has a history of competing in these cookoffs.

“I took part in the Burger Battle two or three years ago in Sioux Falls, and I overcooked my burger just a little bit, and I didn’t win,” Anderson said. “So when I was asked to take part this year, I thought it was time for redemption. I thought I might be able to redeem myself and finally win.”

To learn more about the South Dakota Beef Industry Council, you can visit its website.

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