Community United panel discusses latest information on COVID-19

As COVID-19 continutes to spread, it’s hard to predict what the future holds. With the help of health care providers and community resources, understanding how to navigate your way through is important.

RAPID CITY, S.D. — Coronavirus cases are still increasing by the day in South Dakota.

Washing hands is a preventable action to prevent the spread of COVID-19

Washing hands is a preventable action to prevent the spread of COVID-19

Those experiencing symptoms of the virus or concerns in general don’t have to be patients at any health care facility or even live in the area, the nurse triage is the best first step of action.

Dr. Heidi Strouth with Monument Health says,

“So that is the primary route, especially if you are concerned particularly about coronavirus or covid-19 symptoms, but the triage line can also help you with any other questions you have about you know other symptoms too, and certainly link you up with the appropriate care team or provider to get you that great break in or fast access to care.”

211 Helpline is the center for resources during COVID-19

211 Helpline is the center for resources during COVID-19

Testing results are back between three to five days and those who are tested should practice isolating while waiting for those test results.

One barrier to getting tested is transportation, that is where the 211 helpline comes in, the hub for all resource activity.

Jamie Toennis, Executive Director of the United Way of the Black Hills says,

“A lot of people are experiencing some different challenges right now due to COVID and so there is a vast network trying to meet that need.”

Toennis also mentioned that if you are having symptoms and you are not finding help for those needs, contact the United Way or other non profit partners in the community.

A new resource called 605 Strong, is an additional partnership for individuals impacted by COVID-19.

Routine Health Care visits are important

Routine Health Care visits are important

Many patents who can’t or don’t want to travel are turning to telehealth visits. However, for chronic health issues and routine health care, an in-person visit may be required.

Tim Trithart, CEO of Community Health of the Black Hills says,

“There is a lot of the on-going care sort of things that a lot of people have been putting aside, I think since we have gone through this pandemic, and I think it’s important that people feel comfortable coming back to health care clinics.”

While the virus evolves and we move forward, the advice from public health professionals is take care of yourself.

Cassie Deffenbough, Admin. for the Office of Disease Prevention Services with the South Dakota Department of Health says,

“Make sure you are going into your provider visits. Get your kids immunized. School is starting up, those kindergarten and sixth grade shots didn’t go away, they are still necessary because the last thing that we want in the midst of COVID is another respiratory outbreak of a preventable disease that we have vaccines to prevent against.”

Telehealth visits have become popular

Telehealth visits have become popular

Another aspect of taking care of yourself is a healthy diet, exercise, sleep and good metal health.

The panels also promotes practicing social distancing, wearing a mask and washing your hands frequently.

Click here for resources to public health information.

The Monument Health Nurse Triage Live number is 605-755-1350.

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