Community members continue race relation conversations

The topic – race relations in Rapid City.  "These are huge problems, so we are just meeting and trying to make a difference," says a member of the Community Host Planning Committee, Chas Jewett.

A difference Jewett says they are already making "I now have relationships with people that I didn’t have 6 months ago. The police department was here and the fire department, the City and Chamber of Commerce. We’re not sure what’s going to happen," says Jewett, because the work they have put in the past 6 months is slowly paying off, "We’re working, and we’re working hard, and we're working with the goal in mind of creating a safe place for everyone's children."

Mick Gibbs, President of the Rapid City Regional Hospital remarks upon the importance of the effort. "It’s a historic day, a day in which we make a decision to create a new way of life where everyone feels safe."

Members from the community calling it an opportunity, saying Rapid City could lead the nation. "There will be setbacks, obstacles, and decisions that will attempt to set us back and take our hope away. We can’t quit," says Gibbs.

The Community Host Planning Committee plans to continue the conversations – this one marking the sixth. The hard work is already making a difference but all agree, there’s still work to be done.