Community holding block party against violence after two shootings in same neighborhood

RAPID CITY, S.D. — After two shootings in the same Rapid City neighborhood in the past month, the mayor and police chief are calling on the community to stand up against violence.

Mayor Steve Allender and Rapid City Police Chief Don Hedrick held a news conference to address the recent violence, joined by reps from “I am Legacy” and the Knollwood Apartments on the north side of town.

The mayor is inviting residents to a block party Wednesday evening at the Knollwood Town Houses – affectionately called “The ABC’s” by tenants.

Allender says the gun violence has become more than a police issue, and it’s past time the rest of Rapid City stands with the neighborhood.

“This neighborhood needs to know where they stand. There are two victims, one fighting for his life and one now deceased. There are little children who have heard these gun shots and are likely wondering when their turn may come,” Mayor Allender said.

Tyler Reed, who works as a police liaison in the neighborhood, shared his concern for the children traumatized by the shootings.

Reed calling for citizens help to keep the violence from spreading to the next generation.

“They’ve seen a lot over the last few weeks, they talk to me about it…and there’s trauma there, but they’re also becoming desensitized to a lot of what they’re seeing because they still have to grow and exist in it – and we could do better,” Reed said.

I am Legacy and the Great Plains Tribal Leaders Health Board will be at Wednesday’s block party to provide resources for things such as such as mental health counseling.

Everyone is encouraged to attend the event, which starts Wednesday, July 7 at 5 p.m. at the Knollwood Townhouses, 721 N. Maple Avenue.

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