Community group supports RCAS bond passage

Rapid City Area Schools is asking the community to support a $190-million school bond.

Now a community led organization is stepping up to urge people vote “yes” for Rapid City schools.

Now that the school board has reduced the overall bond price from $250 million to just under $190 million, community leaders are stepping up to press for passage of the bond.

Darren Haar is the co-chair of “Vote Yes RCS.” He says the effort is going to involve hundreds of people.

“This ‘Vote Yes’ campaign is going to be a lot of people working together to educate people,” he said.

South Middle School, Rapid City

The challenge in getting to “yes,” said Haar, is looking past the taxes to the long-term benefits.

“Strong education means strong jobs, means good taxpayers, an overall strong economy, and just a great place to live,” Haar said.

Some who support the bond do so for their own children who sit in these schools every day.

But others, like co-chair Val Simpson, have kids who have graduated or will soon graduate, before any changes would take place.

“I see it from a business perspective and a community perspective, said Simpson. “This is a component — a necessary component — for a healthy, thriving community.”

The next step, they say, will be recruiting volunteers.

“We’re getting our team in place and getting a lot of volunteers ready to have conversations one on one with their neighbors, their friends, their coworkers and lots of opportunity to speak to groups and influencers in our community,” said Simpson.

The vote on the bond is scheduled for next February.

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