Community gathering to end violence at the Knollwood Townhomes

RAPID CITY, S.D. — The mayor and police chief gave just one-day notice, but a lot of people took them up on their invitation to a Wednesday evening block party aimed at ending gun violence and bringing the Rapid City community together.

The gathering was held at the Knollwood Townhouses on North Maple, the location of a recent deadly shooting Monday as well as a string of shootings this past month.

On Tuesday, Mayor Steve Allender and Police Chief Don Hedrick announced the get together, with community agencies on hand with information on mental health and other issues.

“It’s really important as a tribal organization and as tribal members, many of us ourselves at the organization to support our relatives across the community, and really provide services,” Great Plains Tribal Leaders Health Board, Tribal Liaison, Tamee Livermont. “That’s what the mission of our organization, of OHC is, is to really be a response to the community and their needs. So, we came out.”

While law enforcement and city leaders were in attendance several organizations were also there to show their support for a less violent city. Those groups included I.Am.Legacy, Elevate Rapid  City and the HRC MOA.

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