Community comes together as part of Habitat For Humanity building event

RAPID CITY, S.D.– Since 1992, Habitat For Humanity has hosted a Women Build event, bringing women to the forefront of community service and home-building.

Two Women Help Install A Panel Onto The Ceiling Of A HomeWomen in Rapid City were hard at work on this first day of the event on Thursday, coming together to help build a home on East Van Buren Street.

No experience is required to help out, with skill levels of all types pitching in.

“Predominantly who we serve through the habitat program are women,” Community Engagement Administrator Kimberly Wallace said. “And so it’s just a fun opportunity for all of us to just have a day of that fellowship of just women on site learning together, growing together.”

Some special guests were also in attendance, including Habitat’s-own Scott Engmann, Councilmember Laura Armstrong, and state Representative Jess Olson.

“I think that anyone who would walk into this would know this is where we need to be spending our taxpayer dollars, is on projects that are sustainable, ongoing. A fund for South Dakota housing authority that is renewable will serve us for years. It’s the same with habitat. The person owning this home pays that loan back. It’s a pay-it forward program. Why would we not want to invest dollars? Because then, every dollar we spend gets amplified for future generations.”

The home is expected to be finished this summer, with a family ready to move in soon-after.

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