Common Council discusses medical marijuana

RAPID CITY, S.D. — Members of the Rapid City Common Council discussed a medical marijuana ordinance during Wednesdays working session.

The proposal calls for adopting how dispensaries would be licensed as well as cultivation, manufacturing and testing facilities. It also calls for limiting the number of dispensaries in the city to 15 — one for every 5,000 residents.

With the state still working on the specifics of medical marijuana, the council favors getting ahead of full implementation, while keeping in mind that Amendment A — on recreational marijuana — still needs to be decided by the courts.

“We need to be eyes wide open that wherever these places show up in our community as medical marijuana, medical cannabis places they are going to turn into recreational marijuana sales spots and we need to be aware of the impact that’s going to have throughout our community, ” said Pat Jones, Rapid City Council member.

According to Community Development Director Vicki Fisher, the location of facilities has already been considered.

Licensing fees are set at $5,000 and the facilities would also need to be licenses by the state.

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