Committee approves mechanical, chemical improvements to Rapid City wastewater

RAPID CITY S.D. – Keeping Rapid City’s water clean is no small task. Much of it deals with maintaining our sewage systems.

Rapid City’s Public Works Committee on Tuesday approved several projects to extend the life of the wastewater plant on the East side of Rapid City and its functions.

First, they approved using a polymer that reduces the amount of sludge produced. They also approved replacing several electrical components which help keep the water clean. The plan calls for replacing systems controlling ultraviolet lights, which play a critical role.

“That system is used to remove the pathogens from the wastewater so that when we discharge into Rapid Creek in the summertime, those pathogens are not contaminating the creek,” said Rapid City Water Reclamation Superintendent David Van Cleave.

The estimated total cost of both the equipment replacements and chemical purchase is approximately $335,000. The projects now move to the Rapid City Common Council on Monday for consideration.

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