Colorado man faces additional charges in fiancee’s death

DENVER (AP) — Additional charges have been filed against the Colorado man charged with murder and solicitation to commit murder in the death of his missing fiancee.

Patrick Frazee was in court Tuesday for a hearing to determine whether he will stand trial in Kelsey Berreth’s death. Her body has not been found but police have said evidence suggests she was killed at her home on or around Thanksgiving.

Prosecutors are asked to present the evidence against defendants at the type of hearing.

Frazee was charged in December, more than a month after the last sighting of 29-year-old Kelsey Berreth on Nov. 22, Thanksgiving Day. She was seen on surveillance video with the couple’s daughter at a grocery store near her home in Woodland Park, a mountain town near Colorado Springs.

Colorado prosecutors added a charge accusing Frazee of tampering with a deceased body and two charges of committing a crime of violence, which would let the state request a harsher penalty on conviction.

A Woodland Park Police commander later testified that cell phone location data showed Berreth’s and Frazee’s phones were in the same location after Nov. 22, the date Frazee told police he last saw Berreth.

Police believe she was killed at her home in Woodland Park.

Frazee, 32, has not entered a plea and has been jailed since his arrest.

Prosecutors allege Frazee sought to find someone to kill Berreth between September and November but have released little other information about the case. Key court records remain sealed.

Earlier this month, an Idaho woman pleaded guilty to helping thwart the investigation by tampering with evidence in the case and agreed to testify against Frazee.

Krystal Jean Lee Kenney, 32, said she moved “the victim’s cellphone” around Thanksgiving but her motive and the nature of her relationship with Frazee remains a mystery

Police have said several text messages were sent from Berreth’s phone in the days following Thanksgiving, including a message sent to her employer asking for a week off of work.

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