Colonial House restaurant moves to delivery, carry out and grocery services.

RAPID CITY, S.D. — Kevin Beshara has owned and operated Colonial House of Rapid City for 39 years.

With a recent city ordinance,closing in-house dining, Beshara got creative keeping his business open.

He shifted his business model to delivery, carry-out and, starting Monday, selling food he has in surplus from the shortage of customers.

“The restaurant industry and the people we buy product from have an excess of certain things right now, grocery stores don’t, so we can get it to them,” Beshara said.

Beshara asked District 32 Senator, Helene Duhamel, for help waiving certain restrictions for restaurants.

Gov. Kristi Noem will announce early this week that restaurants will be able to sell meats, eggs, flour and more like grocery stores.

“If I can get you ground beef, I‘ll get you ground beef, yeast is one thing that people are calling for, flour, sugar – just the very basic necessities of life,” said Beshara. “So if I can help, I‘ll do it.”

Kevin wants to be able to help the community and remain in business.

Buying his homemade T.V.- style dinners will provide a sack lunch for a child at the Rapid City YMCA.

“The biggest key I think is the normalcy of life, and that consistent routine,” Beshara said. “You know with all of us being disrupted as we are, a colonial house caramel roll, a colonial house dinner, a colonial house heat and eat meal – you know, whatever I can do with our people here, in house, to make that happen, that’s what I‘m going to do.”


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