Cold Thursday! Get out the kids’ winter coats

Chilly WeatherRAPID CITY, S.D.- With winter weather approaching South Dakota and Wyoming, take a moment to soak in some sun today- and to make sure your warm jackets, socks, and extra layers are ready.

Snow is expected to fall in north eastern Wyoming starting around midnight Wednesday and push some flurries into South Dakota during the day on Thursday. The northwestern and southwestern corners of South Dakota may see a couple of inches of snow, with trace amounts falling across any other portions of western South Dakota.

Accumulations in South Dakota will be minimal, with slightly heavier snowfall of a few inches in northeastern Wyoming, but it’ll be a bitter morning in both states. Moisture combined with winds will make temperatures feel like they’re in the teens and twenties on Thursday morning, so even if we’re flurry-free, it’ll be a very bitter day. High temperatures only rise to the 30s in the afternoon.

Don’t forget heavy jackets as you’re headed out the door tomorrow to avoid bus stop shivers, and make sure warm socks and shoes make it out of the closet and onto those feet too.

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