Cohort Craft Brewery holds third World Cup watch party for a USA win

RAPID CITY, S.D. – Cohort Craft Brewery held its third watch party for the FIFA World Cup, which the U.S. won against Iran, 1-0.

The idea came from a couple customers and employees and plans started being made about six months ago since the games were already scheduled then.

“I would say the most fun for me is to watch how people thrive in the environment, how they feed on each other, how everybody’s friendly and they’re chanting together and singing together,” Jason Kingsbury, owner and brewer at Cohort Craft Brewery, said. “It’s important to us to have a community and that doesn’t just mean soccer wise. So, having a spot for the large amount of soccer fans in Rapid City to go and commune and have a great time and watch a game and be friendly means a lot to us.”

Photos of the World Cup Watch Party:

There was about 50 people there to see the beginning of the game, including people who are a part of the American Outlaws of the Black Hills.

“I think it just builds community. It builds team spirit. And with today’s challenges, with the political turmoil and stuff in the U.S., I think it’s good to be all on the same page in supporting our national team just for a while,” Preston Engesser, 31, of Rapid City, said. “With the World Cup only coming every four years and we missed the last World Cup in 2018, I think now is better than ever to support.”

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