‘Coffee with Planners’ event

RAPID CITY, S.D. – Rapid City’s Department of Community Development hosted a “Coffee with Planners” event Wednesday morning at City Hall.

A couple dozen people were able to sit down with city staffers, one-on-one, to talk about three different themes: historic preservation, home occupation, and building project updates. Each topic was given 20 minutes, in which time people attending the event could get answers from some of the people who directly work on these topics in Rapid City.

City Planning Manager Vicki Fisher says this is a great opportunity for city staffers to meet with the public and listen to any concerns that they may have. The city’s communication coordinator says this event is held on a quarterly basis, making Wednesday’s the fifth so far since last November.

“This is something that the community development director, Ken Young, wanted to instill – having these coffee sessions. Very informal but a great opportunity between city staff and the public.”

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