Coffee, toys, and travel gear: Here’s a look at three local businesses before Small Business Saturday

RAPID CITY, S.D. – Small Business Saturday is coming up, and it is a good opportunity to support some of the locally owned and operated businesses in the area. Downtown Rapid City has a number of places to stop and shop at.

Here a few small local business to visit this Saturday.

The Bestro

Filled with a mixed smell of baked goods and coffee, The Bestro is a small cafe in Tuscany Square. They offer coffee, breakfast item, sandwiches, salads and soups.

They also have an in-house baker that makes deserts with a homemade feel, along with special order for customers like catering for parties, meetings and gatherings.

The Bestro Owner and CEO Darci Beatty says that the café came to be because of BES Lighting that Beatty’s husband owns.

“He always wanted a coffee bar for customers. The lighting store moved [to Tuscany Square] in 2007, and we never got the coffee bar done,” she said. “So, ten years later, in 2017, we had a couple daughters that were old enough and we talked to them, ‘would you be interested in doing a coffee shop?’ And they’re like, ‘yes, let’s do it.’ So, that’s how that came about. Then we realized that coffee wasn’t going to pay the bills for the space. Then we added food.”

The Bestro

Why she enjoys owning a local business

“I really enjoy interacting with customers and getting to know them, and it fits my personality to serve food. I’ve always cooked a lot of food for our family and done a lot of baking. So it’s just a natural extension of me and I can make someone happy with food, then that makes me happy. So, I enjoy doing that. It’s been a challenge, but it’s been good for me to be in charge of people and learn how to work with people and deal with conflicts that come up and how to do that in a nice way. So, it’s been really a learning experience for me.”

36 photos of Who’s Toy House, The Bestro and Roam’n Around:

Who’s Toy House

At the Shops at Main Street Square, Who’s Toy House can be a destination to find a gift for a relative or even a place to get kids out of the cold for a little bit with a few play stations.

Locally owned and operated, Who’s Toy House picks their inventory, offers complimentary gift wrap and also has a sister store, Who’s Hobby House. The hobby house has been in business since the 1950s which is two blocks down the street from Who’s Toy House.

For the toy store, Somer Kingsbury, owner of the Who’s Toy House, explained that when the development started downtown at Main Street Square, they mainly just wanted to be a part of it and to “expand the footprint of downtown” and “make a community space for everybody.”

Favorite thing about owning this business

“My favorite things are watching families grow. Since we’ve been in business for 11 years, I’ve seen children grow and children that were a little customers come in and now some of those work for me. Some of our families I’ve been able to help them find gifts for their children and now I’m able to help them find gifts for their grandchildren,” Kingsbury said.

Who's Toy House

Roam’n Around

Also in the Shops at Main Street Square is Roam’n Around, an outlet for activity supplies and travel and outdoor gear, filled with men’s and women’s clothing, travel accessories, outdoor accessories and climbing gear.

It’s a place to get anything you need for a trip or even just a hiking/backpacking adventure in the area. There’s also a consignment section, in which people’s personal goods are put up for sale through the store.

Roam’n Around began in 2008 and then moved to Main Street Square when the area was opening up with the goal to bring travel and outdoor gear to the community and even people visiting from other countries.

What is enjoyable about owning a small business

“One of the things I enjoy about working a small business is our customers and the community as a whole.” Bill Bernhard, sales associate of Roam’n Around, said. “They’ve done a great job to continue to support our store. We’ve been a business since 2008, so it’s nice to have that community support and they’re always here to help us out.”

Roam'n Around

For Black Friday and Small Business Saturday, Roam’n Around is “feeling nostalgic” and they brought back the blue light special that a department store used to do. A few items in the bottom floor of their store, were blue lights are located, are going to be on sale for two days.

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