CMN Mediathon will be different this year, with same goal to fundraise money

The Children’s Miracle Network Mediation is happening on Friday, July 10. Community members are asked to donate what they can to go toward treating the area’s smallest patients.

Everything from a broken bone to critical care, Monument Health Hospital became a CMN hospital in 1989.


The Mediathon fundraiser will be different this year due to the pandemic. The event will be contactless, but NewsCenter1 and Homeslice Media will be sharing the miracle stories from 6 a.m.-6 p.m.

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The Mediathon is CMN’s main fundraiser this year. The goal is to surpass last year’s donation total of $85,000.

The money raised all stays local to use toward lifesaving equipment like giraffe beds to the not as expensive items like a glider chair.
Community donations means the hospital is able to treat all patients who come through the doors.

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Shawn Powers, Program Manager for Children’s Miracle Network, says, “It’s going to be very different this year, with everything going on. We won’t be in our hospital lobby, but the kids we support. They really can’t wait, we can’t push this thing off, they need our support. We wanted to move forward with this. They continue to need support, so that is why this Mediathon event is so important.”

CMN Logo, Courtesy Facebook

CMN Logo, Courtesy Facebook

CMN Logo, Courtesy Facebook

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