Cluck (wait…CLICK) here to learn about FFA’s Poultry Judging Career Development Event

BROOKINGS, S.D.-  The South Dakota State FFA Convention featured many livestock events but started off with a cluck in poultry judging.

“Poultry judging really goes across a wide range of skill sets. It’s one of the few contests that includes both live and ready to eat meat. So, the students have to use their evaluation and critical thinking skills on classes of live birds as well as ready to cook carcasses, and also really some critical thinking and decision making on identifying defects on eggs and defects in process products as well,” explains Rosie Nold, Faculty Coordinator for the FFA Poultry Career Development Event (CDE).

Poultry JudgingThe development of skills pertaining to poultry specifically and then to other qualities like patience and teamwork are helpful to students, regardless of where they go in agriculture.

“Each of the different parts of this contest does mimic something within industry. In addition, those other skills like critical thinking are going to serve them well regardless of what career they go into,” Nold says.

Plus, students of many grade levels participated and worked together.

“This would be FFA members from across the state, which would typically be from eighth grade through 12th grade,” adds Nold.

Students examined broilers and laying hens and gave oral reasoning, where they explained why they classified the poultry in the way they did.

Students follow USDA grading criteria for eggs and even examine processed items for potential defects. There’s also a written exam that covers topics within the poultry industry.

Chester FFA, with Advisor Andy Jensen, and team members Makaylyn Borecky, Cadence Olivier, Brayden Schut and Lauren Roberts, took home this year’s win. Makaylyn Borecky was the overall induvial winner.

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