Hoops for a cause: 29th annual Corporate Free Throw Challenge raises funds for youth programs at Club for Boys

RAPID CITY, S.D. – The Club for Boys in Rapid City is hosting its 29th annual Corporate Free Throw Challenge to raise funds for the youth programs it offers. The event is a significant fundraiser for the Club, and many local businesses participate, raising $200 each.

Friendly competition for a cause

The companies participating in the event are divided into divisions based on the type of business. In previous years, there have been around 60 teams that participated. The Free Throw Challenge is an opportunity for businesses to support the Club and engage in some friendly competition with other local companies. NewsCenter1 had a team that was able to participate early this year.

Last year, the event raised over $19,000, which went towards supporting various programs offered by the Club for Boys, including fitness, sports leagues, equipment, and gym maintenance.

According to Doug Herrmann, Executive Director of the Club for Boys, “It is a great opportunity. We’re so fortunate that so many businesses in the community support the club.”

The event will start on Monday, March 20, and will run through Friday, March 24. The Free Throw Challenge is an excellent opportunity for businesses to come together and support youth programs in the community.

Check out these photos of the NC1 team:

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