Clothe-A-Kid for School Shopping Day helps over 500 children this year

RAPID CITY, S.D. — Lines looped around Kohl’s Saturday morning as families participated in Love Inc’s Clothe-A-Kid shopping day. Over 500 kids received back to school clothes today.

Love Inc. has put on the Clothe-A-Kid program for over 15 years. The organization partners with 32 churches and Kohl’s each year in order to make sure children have clothes for the new school year.

 “It’s very dignifying. It gives them a sense of ownership so when they go into school that first day with the clothes that they picked out. They know that they’re going to feel good, they’re going to look good, and I think it’s really good for them,” said volunteer Glynis Becker. 

Parents pay $10 per child and receive a $70 budget for each child. After that, they are paired with a volunteer and they shop together. The volunteers are there to help pick out clothes and make sure they get the most of their budget.

 “They look for deals and there are coupons and we try to get it all together without going over budget,” said Executive Director John Ligtenberg. 

The project is funded by Love Inc., local churches, and donors. This year there were around 100 volunteers assisting shoppers.

“I think beyond just the help is the connections that happen between the volunteers and the families. There are really powerful things that happen in that time that you share together,” said Ligtenberg. 

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