Climate protesters gather in Rapid City

RAPID CITY, S.D. – Hundreds showed up at Memorial Park’s bandshell this afternoon to bring awareness to climate change.

People of all ages came out to walk from the park to City Hall to demand policy change. Two popular climate change activists Greta Thunburg and Tokata Iron Eyes were the specials guests that led the march. Several guest speakers discussed the importance of minimizing waste and carbon emissions which are both harmful to the environment. Many teenagers skipped school to protest and demand a cleaner planet for their future.

Speakers also addressed the rights of the Native American community and the Keystone XL pipeline, discussing the environmental damage that oil does and the carbon emissions that come from it.

“We have to start now it’s already pushing our limits of being too late and the more attention we bring to our politicians and elected leaders the better,” said protester Matt Bouman.

Although the strike was intended to get the mayor’s attention, he was not in the office Monday and will not be for the rest of the week. Council president Laura Armstrong was there to represent him and speak to the crowd.

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