City warns utility customers about scam phone calls

Scam Alert

Courtesy: Custer County Sheriff’s Office

RAPID CITY, S.D. – City officials are advising utility customers to not give out personal information to callers seeking payment on city utility accounts.

The City’s Utility Billing and Water Service Department received two calls Thursday afternoon from customers indicating they’d received calls from an individual demanding payment on outstanding bills with the city.  In each instance, the caller claimed to represent the City of Rapid City.

The customers were asked for personal information such as social security numbers and bank routing information.  Water Superintendent Jeff Crockett indicates one individual complied with the request from the caller.  The other individual did not provide personal information, disputed the amount cited by the caller and the caller terminated the conversation.

“We do not call customers seeking payment on accounts,” said Crockett.  “Customers are advised of past due and delinquent accounts through written correspondence and payments can be made online, in person or with our overnight payment depository at City Hall.  Customers are always encouraged to call us if they have questions but we will not initiate calls seeking payments and would not be asking for personal information.”

Crockett said when accounts are overdue by more than 44 days, customers receive a delinquency notice in the mail 10 days prior to shutoff.  If payment is not received, services can be terminated.

“Even with cases involving possible disruption of service, our staff would not call customers demanding payment or asking for account or personal information,” Crockett said.

Crockett along with officials with the Rapid City Police Department advise customers to hang up when receiving any calls seeking personal information.  The Rapid City Police Department refers callers who may have been scammed to the South Dakota Attorney General’s Office of Consumer Protection.

“The best advice is to just hang up,” said Crockett.

Customers with billing or account questions can call 605-394-4125 (option #1).

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