City seeks public assistance with non-functioning streetlights

RAPID CITY, S.D. — Just like in your home some times a bulb goes out and the same goes for street lights…but who should you call?

The City of Rapid City would like you to call their Traffic Operations Department so they fix it as soon as possible. When a street light goes out, the dark area it leaves behind can be hazardous to traffic and pedestrians.

Unlike the bulb in your house, the city doesn’t know when a street light goes out right away and with thousands of city lights, checking them all daily is an impossibility. That’s why Rapid City is asking for your help brightening up those dark spots.

Image From Ios 111

When you do call, however, please give the city more than just a street name to locate the light.

“They see a particular location where there’s a light out give us as much detail as possible. It’s one thing to say there’s a light out on 5th Street – that’s a long stretch of road. So if they can be as precise as possible; our light poles have numbers on them,” said Darrell Shoemaker, Rapid City Communications Coordinator. “So if they can see that number and say ‘hey pole number 62 or 622 has a light out or there’s an issue with it’ we’ll know exactly what block that is.”

The number to report an out or malfunctioning light is (605) 394-4118 and city will dispatch someone to resolve the issue. If a light happens to be outside the city’s jurisdiction, they will call the appropriate party to have it fixed.

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