City reminds residents to “be kind to your pipes”

RAPID CITY, S.D. — City managers are urging residents and businesses to “be kind to your pipes” for their sake, as well as yours.

City managers say big problems are happening because of people flushing products of disposing of materials in the kitchen sink, or even their sewer vent pipe.

Everything from wipes, rags, and feminine hygiene products — to fats, oils and grease.

They can cause backups and overflows — and in turn, expensive repairs for all concerned.

“A number of companies have come up with cleaning products they say are flushable,” says David Van Cleave, City of Rapid City manager. “Well, they are flushable, but the problem is many of them don’t deteriorate in the sewer system, and then they cause clogs and backups in our sewer lines. It causes equipment problems for us and causes problems for homeowners and businesses.”

Van Cleave adds that homeowners also need to keep a close eye on their sewer vent pip this time of year.

He says they can freeze up, which then allows sewer gas to enter the home and can cause slow draining lines.

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