City reminds public of mosquito safety, prevention measures

RAPID CITY, S.D. — Summer is a time to be outside.

It’s a great time to enjoy a few ball games and picnics.

But no matter what activity you’re enjoying, you want to be prepared.

Rapid City staff is preparing by packing their mosquito control and prevention equipment.

A week before Memorial Day, crews were out placing larvicide briquettes in pools of standing water, or water that hasn’t evaporated.

“Those briquettes will last for about 180 days,” said Scott Anderson, the Parks Division Manager for the City of Rapid City. “What they do is they kill the larvae of the mosquitoes, so the mosquito lays eggs in the water and then the larvae will be killed so they won’t hatch into actual adult mosquitoes.”

Recent moisture, although good for the area might add to the mosquito problem.

Anderson says mosquito larvae can build up in places where standing water is prevalent, like an old tire in your yard or bird bath.

If you’re going to be out and about, especially late at night, he says that’s when the mosquitoes with West Nile Virus are more likely to fly.

“During the day, generally, if you get bit by mosquitoes, if there’s some during the day, that’s usually not too big a problem,” Anderson said. “It’s the night time ones that will usually carry that West Nile Virus.

He says to make sure you’re using mosquito spray, preferably with DEET.

The city will continue to do mosquito treatment when it can, but Anderson says that the best option may be protecting your property.

“Generally it works fairly good but, if we’re going down the street, it’s probably not gunna get into your back yard,” Anderson said.

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