City officials assure public of water line deal

RAPID CITY, S.D. — Officials from Rapid City are informing citizens that a letter circulating through the city is not a scam.

The letter — which has the city’s logo — lays out an optional coverage plan for water service line repairs and offers the plan at a discount. The plan is offered after the city partnered with Service Line Warranties of America.

They say that many homeowners are shocked to learn that the city and basic homeowners insurance does not cover water line breaks. And if a water line breaks, the cost can climb into the thousands to repair.

“No one plans for a water line break or a sewer line break,” said Communication Coordinator Darrell Shoemaker. “But when it happens, it’s a huge inconvenience and a huge hit to the pocket book. And this is something we’re asking of people, not forcing them — it’s optional.”

The latest round of letters going to homeowners is the third letter sent by the city, and they understand why some may have been skeptical at first. The city often warns citizens of scams that use the city logo, but assure the public that this time the offer is legitimate.

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