City of Sturgis: Rally COVID-19 study “blatantly faulty”

STURGIS, S.D. — The City of Sturgis on Wednesday called a San Diego State University IZA study regarding COVID-19 cases resulting from the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally “blatantly faulty”

The study out of San Diego State University concluded that nearly 20% of the COVID-19 cases reported in America from August 2 to September 2 are due to the rally.

In their response, the City of Sturgis points out that fewer than 300 cases that can be tied to the event have been identified nationwide and that the results of the community-wide mass testing which the city held after the event resulted in 26 positive cases out of 650 patients tested.

You can find the full statement from the City of Sturgis below.

Sturgis Letter

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