City of Spearfish looking at ‘slow opening’ of businesses

SPEARFISH, S.D. — A few weeks ago the City of Spearfish passed an emergency ordinance, which closed restaurants and recreation facilities, all to stop the spread of COVID-19.

Restrictions could be lifted next week, re-opening businesses.

The Spearfish City Council unanimously passed the first reading of a new ordinance, which proposes re-opening businesses.

“Now we know with social distancing we can control the spread and the public is much more informed,” said Spearfish Mayor Dana Boke.

If passed, businesses such as restaurants and gyms will open back up, but they still won’t function as normal. The city plans for a slow opening.

“It gets them the opportunity to do it in a smaller scale and to give that social distancing, those boundaries,” said Boke.

Businesses will likely have to regulate capacity and how close people sit or stand to one another. The coronavirus has been detrimental to businesses all over the world and the City of Spearfish wants to ensure that small businesses are able to survive.

“I think businesses are definitely ready to re-open,” Boke said. “They want to be able to serve the community and they really are educating themselves on how to do it safely.”

Although businesses could open up as early as April 30th, the mayor wants to encourage citizens to be cautious and do what is best for their own health.

“You need to know what is important for you and your family, and if you have anyone in your family that is at high risk at this time, you need to make the right decision,” Boke said. All of us need to really walk in wisdom at this time.”

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