City of Rapid City water shut-offs to resume on January 4

RAPID CITY, S.D. — The suspension of water shut-offs in Rapid City will soon be ending, but residents and business owners still have time to settle their accounts.

The city suspended utility shut-offs in mid-March, the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic, for both residential and commercial.

Since then, the number of delinquent accounts is up to about 29,000, with an estimated $600,000 in unpaid balances, plus late fees.

Now, the Rapid City Public Works Department feels it’s time to return to some normalcy with utilities and will resume water shut-offs starting January 4.

The city says it’s willing to make payment arrangements, and encourages customers still facing hardships to apply for assistance through the South Dakota Cares Housing Assistance Program.

“It’s not just one time money,” said Dale Tech, the Rapid City Public Works Director. “I believe that those funds could be used certainly for rent, for utilities, anything that’s past due. And then as I understand it, it’s a monthly opportunity for people to apply.”

Customers can apply for hardship under specific conditions, significant financial problems, not able to work due to child care closure, they’ve been advised by a doctor to quarantine or being a member of a vulnerable population.

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