City of Rapid City has “solid foundation” for housing development

RAPID CITY, S.D. – Rapid City’s building services division reports permits in 2018 remained steady.

Housing and especially affordable housing has remained top of mind to most Rapid City and Black Hills area residents. As we move into a new year, the City of Rapid City reported steady growth in permits and valuations in 2018. Leaving what city officials describe as a solid foundation for housing growth in Rapid City.

The City issued 203 permits for single-family dwelling units with a total valuation of more than $40 million. This was the highest valuation total for the City since 2014 when 203 permits were issued for a total combined valuation of more than $42 million.

On average, based on data from 2012-2018, the City issues 203 permits with the average valuation of more than $39 million.

City Community Development Director Ken Young said, “The housing numbers are holding steady, both in terms of permits issued and valuation totals.” He Continues on with, “There is a good foundation for housing growth in Rapid City and the need and demand for more housing in Rapid City remains strong and shows no signs of slowing in the years ahead.”


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