City of Deadwood passes resolution to close nonessential businesses

DEADWOOD, S.D. — The City of Deadwood unanimously passed a resolution on Wednesday to close all nonessential businesses.

The silence is deafening as the typically bustling streets of Deadwood, are now desolate. Gaming centers, gift shops, and liquor stores all closing their doors to the public.

All restaurants must close doors but are still permitted to operate curbside and delivery services. Alcohol can also be sold curbside as long as the business has an off-sale license.

The resolution restricts all other activity that is not essential for food or medical care.

Council members assured business owners that the resolution is not only for the safety of the public, but to preserve the tourist season, coming this summer.

Also, on the agenda was an ordinance, which was almost identical to the resolution.

The ordinance will go for a second reading, but the resolution allows the shutdown to go into effect immediately, whereas an ordinance needs two readings before it can go into effect.

City officials will reconvene every couple of days to adjust plans as needed.

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