City of Box Elder seeking $3.2 million loan from Pennington County

The loan would be part of a state program, that would combine state, municipal and county funds for water projects for the City of Box Elder

BOX ELDER, S.D. — The City of Box Elder is hoping to secure a $3.2 million loan from Pennington County.

Through a state program, that matches state, municipal and American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) funds, Box Elder could receive up to $10 million for five water projects.

At Tuesday’s Pennington County Commissioners meeting, Box Elder city officials made a presentation on the water projects.

Box Elder would contribute a total of $1.8 million of its ARPA funds for the partnership.

City leaders say the county loan would play a large part of it’s economic development, with the B-21 Raider.

“Those projects are critical to the population growth in the area,” said Matthew Connor, the Public Information Officer with the City of Box Elder. “The new housing units, the new economic development enterprises that are moving in. It’ll make the open space in Box Elder open for development and in addition to that, it promotes regionalization of the clean water system.”

Connor says that the partnership would also be a good opportunity to regionalize the water in the county. This is a main goal of Box Elder especially expecting the vast majority of military personnel and their families to arrive at Ellsworth in 2025.

Connor says the city hopes the water projects will help the city with physical development.

“Hopefully that initial partnership will carry through into these multiple layers of infrastructure improvements up until the program really reaches its peak,” Connor said.

The next step is for the city to meet with county commissioners at the county’s next meeting on Tuesday, April 19.

For a full list of the water projects and information, click the link below.

City of Box Elder Project Priority List for ARPA-Clean Water_v2

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