City issues nearly $30 million in building permits for February

RAPID CITY, S.D. — Builders in Rapid City continue to have their hands full, even in the freezing weather.

The city issued 145 building permits in February, with a total valuation of nearly $30 million dollars.

That is the highest valuation for issued permits since February of 2013.

Despite the high valuation, there were 21 more building permits issued in February of 2018, although they were only valued at $27.9 million that year.

According to Brad Solon, the division manager at Rapid City’s Building Services, the smaller number of permits is likely due to weather.

“There are a few less permits this year in February likely because of the cold weather. For example, we did 18 roofing permits last year in February, and there are only two this year,” said Solon.

The top permits issued this February include permits for the new Fleet Farm Retail Store and a Goodwill Store on Timmons Boulevard.


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